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PCPenney Shoplifting Offense in East Brunswick or Woodbridge

3 August, 2017by jmarshall

Every year our attorneys handle a slew of shoplifting charges arising at PCPenney. A fair block of this retail theft charges stem from shoplifting in either Woodbridge or East Brunswick where the Middlesex County stores are located. If you were arrested for shoplifting at either PCPenney store, a lawyer at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall has exactly what you need to protect your future. We are former prosecutors and a team of skilled lawyers who have over a century practicing in the area of shoplifting defense. You are... Read More»

Keasbey NJ Criminal Attorney

31 July, 2017by jmarshall

Keasbey is a section of Woodbridge NJ in Middlesex County and is often confused with Keansburg. This is not something that would be mistaken, however, by an attorney at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall. We have been defending charges arising in this unincorporated community of the Township for decades including many cases in both Woodbridge Municipal Court and the Superior Court. If you are facing a Keasbey charge of any nature, do not hesitate to contact our Woodbridge Office to speak to a skilled lawyer immediately. Our attorneys... Read More»

Avenel NJ Criminal Defense Lawyers

31 July, 2017by jmarshall

Woodbridge is a massive municipality with many sections including Avenel New Jersey. This unincorporated community of the township spans 3.5 square miles and has 17,011 residents on its own. It also happens to be the home of Rahway State Prison. Our defense lawyers are extremely familiar with what goes in to defending a traffic ticket or criminal offense issued in Avenel as we have been practicing within the jurisdiction for over 100 years between the eight litigators on our staff. If you have been charged with any variety of offense... Read More»

Ford NJ Criminal Lawyers

31 July, 2017by jmarshall

Fords NJ is a area of Woodbridge NJ which is approximately 2.6 square miles. This area of the Woodbridge Township has about 15,187 residents. If naturally follows that there are many criminal and traffic offenses that are issued in this location annually. Our Woodbridge Criminal Lawyers are well acquainted with this circumstance as members of a defense firm that is one of the largest in New Jersey and which maintains an office in Woodbridge. If you were arrested and charged with any form of motor vehicle, DWI or criminal violation... Read More»

Need A New Brunswick NJ Aggravated Assault Lawyer?

27 July, 2017by jmarshall

One of the main categories of criminal charge that our New Brunswick Law Firm defends is aggravated assault. This offense is set forth at N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1b and applies under twelve different circumstances. Every variety of this offense is handled in New Brunswick New Jersey since this is where the county courthouse is located where all felony criminal charges like aggravated assault are decided. If you are facing a New Brunswick NJ Aggravated Assault offense, you had better be represented by a skilled lawyer since the consequences of a guilty finding... Read More»

Drug Distribution Offense in New Brunswick New Jersey

27 July, 2017by jmarshall

Every CDS distribution case filed in Middlesex County eventually makes it way to New Brunswick. The reason for this phenomenon stems from the fact that the Superior Court is located there and this is the court with jurisdiction over all charges involving allegations of manufacturing, selling or possession with intent to distribute drugs. Our New Brunswick Office is directly across from the Middlesex County Courthouse at 75 Paterson Street. Whether your charge is for distribution of cocaine, MDMA, heroin, LSD, marijuana or a prescription legend drug, retaining a lawyer is... Read More»

Old Bridge Burglary Defense Lawyer

25 July, 2017by jmarshall

A relatively common theft offense in Old Bridge that our defense attorneys handle is burglary. This charge must be distinguished from robbery which is a much more violent offense. Burglary involves the unauthorized entry into a structure, including a car, for the purpose of committing a criminal act. The frequent act to be accomplished is a theft. Burglary arises in Old Bridge every year in a slew of contexts. There are always those cases where juveniles enter an abandoned structure to engage in criminal mischief and also stone cold thefts... Read More»

Christmas Brings Many Shoplifting Charges in Woodbridge NJ

27 December, 2016by jmarshall

The Christmas season brings both good and bad when it comes to shopping in Woodbridge New Jersey. While thousands visit Woodbridge Center Mall and other retail venues in the township during the holiday, it also attracts individuals interested in opportunities to shoplift. This was precisely the case over the last several weeks where a slew of suspects were arrested for shoplifting in the Township of Woodbridge. The majority of the charges involved a disorderly persons offense although many were also the result of a felony offense, usually in the form... Read More»

Theft Charges Result In Conviction in New Brunswick

26 December, 2016by jmarshall

The Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office is particularly aggressive when the victim of a theft offense or other criminal act is elderly. The motivation is understandable given that our seniors are often less equipped to deal with deceptive conduct than younger adults. This was the scenario that was recently confronted in the case of a 88 year old New Brunswick resident who was defrauded into conveying the deed to her house to the 53 year old defendant. Prosecution of the case resulted in a conviction for third degree theft by deception.... Read More»

Woodbridge Man Arrested For Bring Drugs To Jail Is No Surprise To Me

3 December, 2016by jmarshall

I received a telephone call less than a month ago from mother seeking representation for her son who was in a residential substance abuse facility in conjunction with participation in drug court. While waiting for a bed at the facility, the individual, who is now a client, was incarcerated at the Monmouth County Adult Correction Facility. His mother and grandmother had made a significant number of deposits and payments to various inmates at the request of my client. Detectives wanted to question my client about these payments on suspicion that... Read More»