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Asian Indian Families Found Victim To Third Home-Invasion Robbery

18 November, 2014by jmarshall

Middlesex County home invasion robbery are becoming more common as a third case that occurred in the old bridge area on Tuesday night was reported, being similar to two recent cases of violent break-ins in the area. The similarity of the cases is pretty alarming as the victims of all the three home invasion robbery cases are the Asian Indian families of the locality. The police spokesman of the Old Bridge police showed his concern and said that the similarity of the cases suggests that the suspects might be the same.

During the most recent incident, which took place in South Plainfield area on Tuesday night, the suspects entered the house from the back and robbed the family of their possessions. The house was located on a corner lot.

The New Jersey news channel, News 12 New Jersey reported that the police informed them about the incident saying that the victims in all the three robbery cases were Asian Indian and in all the three cases the suspects tied the family members, including children. In the recent incident on Tuesday, a father was also pistol-whipped by a suspect as it happened to other victims in the previous robbery cases of similar kind.

The news channel also reported that, even though these incidents were pretty similar, there were also a few major dissimilarities in Tuesday’s incident as the South Plainfield house is situated in a more busy area, unlike the Old Bridge houses, which are situated in the quieter areas of the township. The news channel also said that the suspects in the latest robbery incident did not hide their faces, like they did in the Old Bridge incidents.

The South Plainfield police department’s spokesperson told the news channel reporters that additional information regarding the incidents will be released soon. Police from both areas, the State Police and the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office are all aiding in the investigation of these home invasion incidents.

In the previous incidents of Old Bridge robberies, two homes in total were aimed on different days: on Oct. 20 in Oakwood and in Country Place six days after the first incident. The suspects in these two cases were had their faces covered with masks. They stole hard cash and electronics at gunpoint.

With the suspects still not caught, the authorities are asking the people to help them in finding them out.

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