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New Brunswick Investigation Reveals Heroin Ring

12 January, 2015by jmarshall

new brunswick drug bustAn investigation that took place corresponding to the November 24th event, whereby, a 24 year old woman who lived in Trenton was shot down, led to a concentrated effort by the police which resulted in detainment of 9 people. They were caught in possession of 1200 packets of heroin which were taken into custody along with the closure of a ‘mill’ which is suspected of manufacturing heroin illegally.
This suspected mill was noticed while a research was being carried out at 289 and 291 Seaman Street. The former reason behind the research was the murder attempt of Brittney Holt. According to Holt, some people in a white Nissan passed by the aforementioned location shooting her down on November 24th. The investigation team found Holt at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital where she was being treated.

The same day, 8 Brunswick individuals, both males and females, were apprehended from 289 Seaman Street, ranging from 23 years of age to 57 years. The above mentioned culprits were held accountable for the following charges:

  • Carrying illegal drugs (heroin);
  • circulation of heroin;
  • Distribution of heroin on school property;
  • Managing a drug manufacturing capacity.

Vance Parker aged 28, also Brunswick resident, was found in ownership of 155 packets of heroin and loaded ammunitions upon a search warrant conducted at 291 Seaman Street. Parker was held liable for the above mentioned charges and additional charges of:

  • Illegal holding a gun in possession;
  • Illegally holding a gun while in possession of illegal drugs.

Now, the investigation team predicts a linkage between this incident and blue infinity, 2005 model that was parked at the night when Holt was gunned down. Upon inquisition a hand gun, drugs and military bullets were retrieved from the car.

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