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New Jersey emergency room tech charged with sex crimes

16 June, 2014by jmarshall

Members of a hospital staff daily go to great lengths to ensure the best care for their patients, many of whom are seriously ill and injured. Because of the personal nature of the care, staff may often be left alone with a patient. This can lead to a difficulty in defense when allegations of impropriety or sex crimes are lodged. A New Jersey emergency room tech in New Brunswick has been charged with sex crimes in two separate cases. The first occurred in June, when the 30-year-old tech allegedly had... Read More»

More alleged clients identified in fitness studio prostitution case

16 June, 2014by jmarshall

New Jersey residents may have been shocked to learn about the prostitution scandal based in a Maine Zumba gym last month. Sex Crimes, including prostitution, can carry severe legal penalties for the accused. The Maine prostitution scandal is said to have generated over $150,000 over 18 months for a fitness instructor and her business partner. The instructor has pleaded not guilty to 106 counts, which include prostitution and invasion of privacy. Her business partner is facing 59 misdemeanor counts to which he has pleaded not guilty. Reportedly, the list of... Read More»

Man posing as utility worker wanted for Evansham Township theft

16 June, 2014by jmarshall

Theft charges can be brought against anyone accused of taking the property of others without their permission. When few witnesses are available, the person sought may only have a vague description. This may lead to innocent people being charged, requiring a strong criminal defense to prove their innocence. An elderly Evansham Township woman had jewelry and cash stolen from her home last week. According to police, a man had come to her home and identified himself as a water utility company employee to gain entry. After hearing him in her... Read More»

Man convicted in home arcade rape case

16 June, 2014by jmarshall

New Jersey residents may have recently been alarmed by a story out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A man was convicted of sex crimes against his employees. The 35-year-old was convicted of sexual assault against five teen girls he employed. The man ran an arcade out of the home that he shared with his mother. He was convicted on 19 counts, including rape and other sexual contact with the 15- and 16-year-old girls he employed. The prosecution's assertion that the man used alcohol to take advantage of the girls was countered by... Read More»

New Jersey Good Samaritan bill vetoed by governor

16 June, 2014by jmarshall

When an overdose occurs, those who are present make the choice to either save the person with a call to the paramedics or save themselves by leaving the scene. New Jersey state legislators did not want this to be a choice anyone had to face. Drug charges carry serious consequences with tough sentencing guidelines in the state. Unfortunately, this has caused many individuals to leave a friend who has overdosed rather than help. The recent Good Samaritan Overdose Response Act sought to address this issue by protecting people who witnessed... Read More»

Nj man faces drug possession and distribution charges

16 June, 2014by jmarshall

We all make decisions that affect our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Sometimes, these decisions have long-term consequences that may impact an individual's reputation in the community and possible future opportunities. A man from New Jersey is finding this out firsthand as he faces drug charges for possession and distribution. A man from North Brunswick was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession with intent to dispute near a public area. According to police, the man was distributing illegal narcotics out of a... Read More»

New Jersey man stabbed in forehead by girlfriend

16 June, 2014by jmarshall

Domestic disputes can become very intense very quickly, due to their often emotionally charged nature. A New Jersey woman has now been arrested for a number of offenses, including weapons offenses, following an altercation with her boyfriend last week. The 26-year-old New Jersey resident was arrested on Jan. 2 following an argument with her boyfriend, with whom she shares a child. The woman allegedly stabbed the man in the forehead in the presence of their 7-year-old child. The incident occurred on the previous night at the home of the boyfriend.... Read More»

Morristown man gets 92 months for money laundering

16 June, 2014by jmarshall

New Jersey residents may have read recently about the Morristown man convicted of money laundering charges. Criminal charges can result in long-term consequences for the individual charged. A court convicted the 42-year old Morristown man of money laundering after he admitted to making cash deposits anonymously into a number of deposit accounts in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. The deposits were comprised of the proceeds earned from selling drugs. A judge sentenced him to 92-months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release. His brother was previously sentenced... Read More»