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Takedown On Heroin Trafficking Results In The Arrest of 14 People

17 November, 2014by jmarshall

drug bust14 Members of a major drug trafficking group accountable for “substantial quantities” of crack cocaine and heroin were caught on Thursday with the arrest of 14 people in the areas of Monmouth, Ocean and some Middlesex counties as reported by the U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman during a press conference after the arrests were made.

In the complaints received by the police, 22 members were charged with conspiracy regarding the distribution of heroin. Two leaders of the conspiracy – Herve Cadet, also known as “Gotti” or “Bro,” 22, of Neptune and Sayreville, was arrested Thursday morning, and Eric Smith, also known as “EV” or “E,” 42, of Manchester, was already in custody, Fishman said.

During the press conference Fishman said, “It is no secret that heroin abuse is at an all time high. With the heroin epidemic in this area reaching extraordinary heights, those of us in federal law enforcement believe that it was critical to target those who share a hefty portion of the blame and to do that in close cooperation with our county partners.”

The gang frequently used code words for heroin. These code words included dog food, girls, clothing and parties. The heroin they distributed was branded with Street Doctor, Hurricane Sandy, Poland Spring Water and other stamps. “They weren’t talking about consumer goods they were talking about illegal drugs – heroin and crack cocaine,” Attorney Fishman said.

“Heroin abuse doesn’t discriminate,” Fishman said “Awareness is the key. We have to make sure people are educated about the dangers of heroin.” He added, “We cannot lose sight of the fact that heroin is responsible for over 350 deaths over the last five years in Monmouth County and the destruction of countless lives in this area.”

Besides Cadet and Smith, around 18 people were also charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin on one kg or more. These people include: Dwight Simon, 30, also known by the name “Break Bread,” and Noble El-Bey, 42, also known by the names “T” or “Terry”; Evens Joseph, 36, commonly known as “Dirty Evan” or “De”; Steve Jean-Baptiste, 29, known by his gang name “Black”; Harriel Jean- Baptiste, 25, known as “Harry”; Junior Parcias, 28, known by the name “Peso”; Kurtis Barnes or “Gotti”, 36; Charlene Braithwaite-Lovet or “Shay”, 40 ; Athena Gillis, 28, commonly known as “Shorty” and Jerrel Collins, 27, known by the name “Fat Boy”. Names of the other people that were srrested as well include Delovi Canales, Laurie Matthews, Amal Blaine, Mackinson Casimir, Reginald Walker, Brandon Keyes, Schneider Monestime, and Marvin Brodie.

In another complaint, Joel Mendez, 34, also known by the names “Crack” and “Joey Mendez,” from Bradley Beach, and Alfred Lyons, 33, also known by the name “Alfie,” from Neptune, were charged with conspiracy related to the distribution of heroin.

The police are still not able to find Mendez, Simon, El-Bey, Steve Jean-Baptiste, Parcias, Collins and Keyes.

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