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Perth Amboy NJ Criminal & Traffic Charges


Perth Amboy, New Jersey Criminal & Traffic Charges

The Law Office of John F. Marshall represents clients throughout the State of New Jersey. As a result, our attorneys frequently appear in Perth Amboy Municipal Court representing clients charged with a wide array of criminal and traffic offenses including drunk driving (Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)), marijuana possession (Marijuana Possession & Distribution), aggravated assault (Aggravated Assault) and leaving the scene of an accident (Leaving the Scene of an Accident). Driving under the influence is a very serious offense and can have serious repercussions if experienced and knowledgeable attorneys do not handle the matters. Please contact our Middlesex office for immediate assistance at 732-246-7126.

Perth Amboy, New Jersey, Municipal Court Information

The Perth Amboy Municipal Court is located at 365 New Brunswick Ave # 2 Perth Amboy, NJ 0886. The telephone number for the municipal court is 732-442-6011. The telephone number for the Perth Amboy Police Department is 732-324-3800.

Perth Amboy, New Jersey Marijuana Lawyer

One of the criminal offenses our defense attorneys typically represent clients against is a charge for simple possession of marijuana (Marijuana Possession & Distribution) in New Jersey. This is known as “simple possession” because the defendant is not apprehended with “a lot of weight”. In fact, the weight requirement for a simple possession of marijuana charge under the statute is 50 grams or less. If you are charged with simple possession, you are facing a disorderly persons offense (Expungment of Disorderly Persons Offense) in New Jersey, which includes up to six (6) months in prison if convicted and a permanent criminal charge on your record.

Many times individuals who are caught with a pipe or bong are charged with possession of drug paraphernalia (Possession of Drug Paraphernalia) a disorderly persons offense, and they are also charged with simple possession of marijuana based on the residue of marijuana, which is left in the pipe or bong. As a result, the defendant is facing two criminal charges. However, our criminal defense attorneys are very successful in defending clients against these charges. We may be able to have the charges dismissed based on an illegal search or lack of probable cause, or if their are multiple defendants involved, we may be able to have to charges dismissed based on another defendant taking responsibility for the drugs or drug paraphernalia. Finally, these minor drug offenses in New Jersey are eligible for a diversionary program called a conditional discharge (Conditional Discharge for Drug Offenses) which is essentially probation. Please contact our New Brunswick office for additional assistance regarding your criminal or traffic matters at 732-246-7126.