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Christmas Brings Many Shoplifting Charges in Woodbridge NJ

27 December, 2016by jmarshall

The Christmas season brings both good and bad when it comes to shopping in Woodbridge New Jersey. While thousands visit Woodbridge Center Mall and other retail venues in the township during the holiday, it also attracts individuals interested in opportunities to shoplift. This was precisely the case over the last several weeks where a slew of suspects were arrested for shoplifting in the Township of Woodbridge. The majority of the charges involved a disorderly persons offense although many were also the result of a felony offense, usually in the form... Read More»

Theft Charges Result In Conviction in New Brunswick

26 December, 2016by jmarshall

The Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office is particularly aggressive when the victim of a theft offense or other criminal act is elderly. The motivation is understandable given that our seniors are often less equipped to deal with deceptive conduct than younger adults. This was the scenario that was recently confronted in the case of a 88 year old New Brunswick resident who was defrauded into conveying the deed to her house to the 53 year old defendant. Prosecution of the case resulted in a conviction for third degree theft by deception.... Read More»

Woodbridge Man Arrested For Bring Drugs To Jail Is No Surprise To Me

3 December, 2016by jmarshall

I received a telephone call less than a month ago from mother seeking representation for her son who was in a residential substance abuse facility in conjunction with participation in drug court. While waiting for a bed at the facility, the individual, who is now a client, was incarcerated at the Monmouth County Adult Correction Facility. His mother and grandmother had made a significant number of deposits and payments to various inmates at the request of my client. Detectives wanted to question my client about these payments on suspicion that... Read More»

Field Sobriety Checkpoints During The Holiday Season

3 December, 2016by jmarshall

It seems like every holiday season some law enforcement agency is ramping up DWI enforcement. The Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office has indicated that police departments have been provided with additional funding to conduct field sobriety checkpoints (a.k.a. DWI roadblocks). The goal of this measure is to promote roadway safety by deterring driving while intoxicated and operating under the influence of drugs. If you were arrested and charged with DWI/DUI as a result of a checkpoint, there are a few things you should know. The first thing is that all hope... Read More»

Woodbridge Marijuana Distribution Arrest Warrants Discussion Of Search & Seizure

3 December, 2016by jmarshall

Sometimes you just have to shake your head when you read about why someone was drawn to the attention of police. The most recent incident of this nature is out of Woodbridge where two out-of-state residents had an encounter with police as a result of littering at the Thomas Edison Service Area. The ensuing investigation resulted in seizure of approximately fifty (50) pounds of marijuana and charges for distribution of marijuana in the first degree. Bail was set at $300,000. The defendants now face penalties that include 10-20 years in... Read More»