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Edison NJ Police Office Charged With Criminal Mischief in New Brunswick

29 March, 2018by jmarshall

Edison Criminal Mischief Defense Attorney Our law enforcement officers are sworn to uphold the law, to protect our communities, and to reflect what is the most noble about our democracy. Watching police officers do just the opposite is one of the most disheartening, disturbing things that we are forced to witness. The Edison Police Department has had its share of scandals over the last few years. Add another to the pile. Just this week, 15-year veteran police officer Paul Pappas of Edison was charged with driving his unmarked police car... Read More»

Second Degree Eluding Charges Filed In Middlesex County Following Chase In South Brunswick

18 March, 2018by jmarshall

South Brunswick Eluding Defense Lawyer A Former Middlesex County Prosecutor At Our Firm Is Ready To Defend Your Eluding Offense It was a normal afternoon on Route 1 in South Brunswick, until officers saw a motorcycle without a visible license plate.  So, the officers tried to pull the motorcycle over.  The motorcyclist, 20-year-old Anthony Bennett from Newportville, PA, however, had different plans.  Rather than pull over, Bennett accelerated to over 80 mph in an attempt to flee the police.  The initial officers who tried to pull him over gave chase,... Read More»

Edison Resident Charged With Theft By Deception

16 March, 2018by jmarshall

Middlesex County Theft By Deception Defense Attorneys A Former County Prosecutor Is Ready To Defend Your Theft Offense One of the terribly sad realities of human nature is that after any tragedy, some unscrupulous people will swoop in to take advantage of others’ misfortune.  That includes gas station owners who price gouge during a fuel shortage, store owners setting insanely high prices for generators during a power outage, car services that employ “surge pricing” during a demonstration at an international airport, and fraud upon fraud upon fraud.  Indeed, the aftermath... Read More»

Judge Cleared on Hindering & Official Misconduct Charges in Middlesex County

11 March, 2018by jmarshall

Charged With Hindering in Mercer County New Jersey Former Middlesex County Prosecutors That Are Ready To Defend Your Hindering Offense It’s almost too quirky to be real. It is like a law school exam question. What would you do if you were a judge and your boyfriend comes to your house and tells you that he just committed armed robbery? Do you give him shelter, or turn him in? This challenging question of ethics isn’t just a hypothetical exercise, it actually happened here in Middlesex County, New Jersey. Several years... Read More»

Middlesex County Rabbi Involved In Child Prostitution Case

6 March, 2018by jmarshall

Aryeh Goodman, a Middlesex County rabbi, was among 30 men who engaged in a sex act with a 17-year-old girl in a hotel in East Brunswick. The sordid tale begins with a young Bronx couple who forced this teenager into prostitution, ultimately having her perform sex acts in the hotel in East Brunswick. The human trafficking perpetrators from the Bronx – 18-year-old Gabriella Colon and 23 year-old Richard Ortiz – were charged this week in Middlesex County with 11 counts of human trafficking and child pornography offenses. Goodman, the 35-year-old... Read More»