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Middlesex County Criminal Defense Lawyer

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16 June, 2014by jmarshall

Middlesex County Bail Superior Court & Municipal Court Defense Attorneys Once a person is arrested and processed on a municipal court or superior court charge in Middlesex County, the court will set bail. Securing bail can be very stressful for friends or family members interested in helping their loved one. This page is intended to answer some of the most common questions concerning bail and bail bonds. The assistance of an attorney experienced in bail issues, including bail reduction and conditions, can prove invaluable in elevating stress by making the... Read More»

Weapons Offenses

16 June, 2014by jmarshall

Weapons Offenses Strong Defense Against Harsh Gun Control Laws New Jersey has some of the strictest gun control laws in the United States. The No Early Release Act and the Graves Act may mean that you face mandatory prison time and inability for parole if you are convicted of a weapons violation. Even though the laws are strict, you still have rights and you still have the opportunity to defend yourself against gun charges and weapons violations. The Middlesex County gun charge attorneys at The Law Offices of Jonathan F.... Read More»

Municipal Court

16 June, 2014by jmarshall

Municipal Court The large percentage of the offenses issued in Woodbridge, East Brunswick, Old Bridge and other municipalities in Middlesex County fall within municipal court jurisdiction. This includes all disorderly persons offenses, traffic tickets and ordinance violations issued by the police. If you are facing a municipal court offense, do not be distracted into believing that you cannot be significantly effect because the case is being handled locally. Most municipal court charges can result in hundreds of dollars in fines and even jail. A skilled lawyer can, however, help you... Read More»


16 June, 2014by jmarshall

Middlesex County DWI Defense Lawyer Understanding DWI Traffic Stops Driving Under the Influence of Drugs Challenging Breath & Blood Tests DWI/DUI Penalties Field Sobriety Tests Frequently Asked Questions What You Need To Do To Avoid A DWI Conviction DWI is one of the few areas of law where plea bargaining is strictly prohibited. What this means is that neither the prosecutor nor judge in Edison, Piscataway, East Brunswick or another municipality in Middlesex County can dismiss a driving while intoxicated charge unless there is a genuine legal that prevents the... Read More»