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Middlesex County Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Bench & Arrest Warrants

Piscataway Warrant Defense Lawyer

An arrest warrant or bench warrant is a court order that allows a police officer to take someone into custody. The term arrest warrant is often used interchangeably with bench warrant. If a judge at the Superior Court in New Brunswick or sitting in the municipal court in Old Bridge, Edison, Woodbridge, East Brunswick or Piscataway signed a warrant for you arrest, the attorneys in our firm are equipped to help you. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have been navigating the court system in Middlesex County for over a century combined, even serving as prosecutors in the jurisdiction in the past. If you need assistance vacating or clearing up a warrant or securing bail, our attorneys will do what is necessary to obtain this relief. We are available 24/7 to assist you in our Piscataway Office by calling 732-562-0308.

Facing Potential Arrest: is there a bench warrant in your name?

If you believe that there is a bench warrant with your name on it, you can take necessary action to avoid arrest. A bench warrant is usually issued after a failure to follow a preliminary court order. You may have failed to appear in court, failed to pay a fine, or failed to appear for a sentencing hearing. In any case, it is important to protect your rights if there is a bench warrant in your name. As your legal representatives, we will seek a voluntary arrangement for you to appear without being arrested. Making an appearance without an attorney could result in your arrest and the necessity to post bail money.

Why is there a bench warrant?

A warrant can be issued by the court for any number of reasons, including:

  • Failure to appear at a court date
  • Violation of probation or parole
  • Issuance of a warrant complaint based on probable cause to believe that a criminal or serious motor vehicle violation has been committed
  • There is reason to believe that the defendant is dangerous to himself, others or property

Protect Your Rights: Remain Silent If You Do Not Have An Attorney

Whether you are confiding with a friend or are facing questions by an officer, you should not make any statements without first consulting with an attorney. If you have been arrested, you are not obligated to make any statements about your case. Before consulting with an attorney, you should avoid making statements to officers, prosecutors, or the court to protect your rights and interests.

Old Bridge NJ Warrant For Arrest Attorneys

Even if a warrant has been issued in Old Bridge or you have already been arrested, you have rights to contest the allegations against you. Perhaps you have a valid excuse for your failure to appear or the allegations that you violated probation. Our attorneys will insure that you are fully protected so that your freedom and record remains intact. If you are the subject of an arrest warrant in Old Bridge Township, New Brunswick, South Brunswick, Plainsboro or Jamesburg, the lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall are here to defend you. Call our East Brunswick Office now at 732-227-1200 for an immediate free consultation.