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Middlesex County Criminal Defense Lawyer

  • Over 200 Years of Combined Experience
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Criminal Process

Middlesex County Superior Court & Municipal Court Proceedings

For most defendants and their families, facing the criminal justice system can feel overwhelming and intimidating. Whether you have been charged with a crime in the past or you are experiencing the force of the law for the first time, you want to know your rights, what to expect, and how to best proceed for successful results. At the Law Offices of Jonathan Marshall, our attorneys offer experienced and strategic support to protect the rights and long-term interests of our clients. We offer free consultations 24 hours a day. Call (732) 246-7126, or you can contact us by e-mail to protect your rights.

Types of Proceedings that Occur in a Criminal Case

There are numerous stages to a criminal case. Some of the more common proceedings are set forth below with links to individual pages that explain the term in more detail.

Skilled Defense Lawyers to Protect Your Rights

From the moment you are arrested through resolution of the case via a plea or trial, you need a clear understanding of your rights. In many cases, your defense will arise out of misconduct or illegal actions taken by the officer or a procedural error that deprived you of due process. Our role is to provide you with the information you need to assert your rights and take necessary action to aggressively develop your defense. Whether you are suspected of a crime or have already been arrested and charged, the police have been collecting evidence to be used against you in court. Do not talk to the police without consulting with an attorney who can properly defend your rights. If the police believe they have enough evidence to charge you with a crime, they may search you and arrest you. If you are arrested, the booking process will include a search of your property, your person, fingerprinting and mug shots. When you have the opportunity to contact an attorney, we can help. Our experienced criminal lawyers will make sure that your interests are protected  from the moment we are retained and we will file a bail-reduction motion and/or assist you in making bail if you are in custody. A lawyer will also take every necessary action, from indictment, through plea bargain negotiations, arraignment, and bail reduction motions to protect your rights before a trial date is set. This may include applying for pre-trial intervention if applicable. We will collect all necessary evidence including witness statements, assessment of witness statements, expert support, and prepare a strategic assembly of evidence in your favor. In the event that we do not get your charges dismissed, we are prepared to aggressively protect your rights at sentencing to reduce penalties.

If you have been charged with a crime, you can talk to a Middlesex County, New Jersey defense lawyer 24 hours a day by calling (732) 246-7126, or you can contact us by email.