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Criminal Charges at Rutgers Livingston Campus

Piscataway NJ Criminal Defense Attorneys

One of the largest campuses at Rutgers University, is the Livingston Campus. This location, which is located in Piscataway and was formerly known as Kilmer Campus/Livingston College, and has several residence facilities — Ernest A. Lynton Towers, Livingston Quads, and Livingston Apartments. The entire campus falls within the jurisdiction of the Rutgers University Police Department, although misdemeanor criminal offenses like possession of less than 50 grams of marijuana, simple assault, disorderly conduct and other disorderly persons charges are heard as Piscataway Municipal Court. All motor vehicle summonses, including DWI charges, are also heard in the municipal court. Indictable criminal cases of the first degree, second degree, third degree and fourth degree, are decided at the Middlesex County Superior Court. If you have been charged with any offense on the Livingston Campus, give our law firm a call. We have a team of lawyers with many years of experience appearing in both Piscataway and in the county court in New Brunswick. We are available for immediate consultation, which is always without charge, by contacting our Piscataway Office at 732-246-7126.

Domestic Violence Law in New Jersey

There are stiff laws in this state that are intended to discourage any form of domestic violence. And Rugers University has strong policies in place for this issue as manifested by a web page dedicated to domestic violence at Rutgers University. The result of this is that an individual can often face both a criminal charge/restraining order, and inter-disciplinary proceedings on campus. The criminal charges that typically crop up in these cases are some form of assault, harassment and stalking. When an individual is legitimately in fear, they may also obtained a temporary restraining order. Whether this order shall stay in place on a permanent basis is decided at a final restraining order at the Middlesex County Family Division on New Street in New Brunswick. You have an opportunity to tell your side of the case and a Superior Court judge must decide whether there was: (1) a domestic relationship; (2) an act of domestic violence (e.g. aggravated assault, etc.); and (3) whether a restraining order is necessary to insure that no further acts of domestic violence occur. A poor outcome in such a proceeding can have a very significant impact on a defendant insofar as a final restraining order prevents the parties from being in each others vicinity (e.g. same dormitory hall or worse). The point is that a restraining order alone can have serious repurcussions even though it does not involve actual criminal charges at Rutgers University (e.g. victim obtained restraining order but no criminal offense was filed).

Map of Rutgers University Livingston Campus

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Simple Assault Attorneys, Piscataway New Jersey

It doesn’t take very much in terms of physical conflict to provide a basis for someone to file a simple assault offense under N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1 and/or to have a police officer file such a charge. Even a pushing match is enough under NJ law to provide basis for filing of a simple assault. So it is a virtual certainty that this charge will be issued when someone alleges being smacked, held down, or something worse, like a fight at High Point Solutions Stadium.  All that the prosecutor in Piscataway or New Brunswick needs to do is show that you intentionally caused bodily injury (e. any momentary pain) or attempted to put someone in fear of serious injury. And if you are convicted of simple assault, you will have a record that will follow you around until it is expunged, something that cannot occur for, an absolute minimum, of five (5) years following conviction. You also face fines and a potential jail term of up to six (6) months if you are convicted of simple assault in Piscataway. It is clearly in your best interests to seek the services of an attorney if you are charged with simple assault, especially given the fact that our attorneys are able to avoid a conviction to this offense in the majority of cases. Give us a call anytime 24/7 at 732-246-7126.

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