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Traffic Offenses

East Brunswick Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Call Our Office To Speak To A Former Prosecutor Of East Brunswick Municipal Court

The East Brunswick Police Department is notorious for ticketing people who make the mistake of violating the traffic laws in New Jersey. Motor vehicle summonses in fact make up the largest segment of charges issued in East Brunswick. In the six month period from July 2014 to December 2014, East Brunswick Municipal Court heard over 14,000 cases related to moving violations that occurred within the town. While most drivers have been stopped and ticketed for anything from minor to serious violations at points in their life, tickets are simply signed and paid all too often. The aftermath is usually some level of anger but the truth is that the negative consequences that bring these emotions could probably been avoided. The reason is because our East Brunswick Law Firm and our former prosecutors are able to avoid points, license suspension, and other penalties associated with a traffic summons in an extremely high percentage of cases. Call our office at 732-227-1200 for an immediate free consultation.

Motor Vehicle Violation in East Brunswick NJ

Although the traffic code in New Jersey is virtually endless, there are some motor vehicle offenses that arise more often than others in East Brunswick. Unfortunately, most of the frequently encountered tickets can have a great effect on your ability to keep your license, result in further loss of license, and even, in the most extreme cases, lead to incarceration. The following are the more common charges you can face in East Brunswick:

In the State of New Jersey, points are assessed on your license whenever you are convicted of a moving violation. All of the tickets previously listed fall into this category. Once you accumulate four (4) or more points, you are required to pay an annual surcharge for a period of three years to the NJ Division of Motor Vehicles. More serious violations trigger separate non-point DMV surcharges as well. In addition, your license may be suspended once you accumulate 12 or more points. The key to all of this is to make sure you do not start accumulating points and/or that your offense is significantly reduced so that you receive less points for a violation. This is something that our attorneys can almost always accomplish and, in many instances, avoid points altogether. While points are always a consideration, this certainly is not the primary benefit that our attorneys can provide in the defense of your traffic ticket. Since we are able to avoid a conviction to the underlying moving violation in the majority of cases, this is the biggest thing to be gained by most clients.

East Brunswick Township Traffic Lawyers

The attorneys at our East Brunswick Firm have over 100 years of combined experience helping clients defend traffic offenses in East Brunswick Municipal Court.  Our team includes a former municipal prosecutor in East Brunswick and other lawyers who are well-versed in all motor vehicle infractions. We know for a fact that our experience can and will provide you with significant benefit when it comes to reaching the best outcome in your case. If you had the misfortune of being charged with a traffic offense in East Brunswick, it is therefore in your interest to call our office to speak to an attorney. We can be reached immediately at 732-227-1200. A lawyer is waiting to take your call.