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First Degree Crime

New Brunswick NJ First Degree Crime Defense Lawyers

The most serious grade of offense set forth in the NJ Criminal Code is a first degree crime. This variety of criminal charge triggers the most severe of consequences including, but not limited to, at least 10 years in prison in the event of conviction. In many instances, however, the period of incarceration is significant more and includes a mandatory minimum sentence. If you have been charged with a first degree offense, your case will absolutely be sent to New Brunswick for resolution whether the arrest occurred in Woodbridge, East Brunswick, Perth Amboy, Carteret or another municipality within the jurisdiction. The reason is because the Middlesex County Superior Court is the only place where a first degree crime may be heard. A violation as serious as this should only be handled by the most experienced of criminal defense attorneys. The stakes are as high as they get and you clearly need to be represented by someone who is exceptionally skilled. We believe that the lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have this level of expertise with over 100 years in practice combined, including time servings as prosecutors. Jason Seidman of our firm even served as the supervisor of the gangs, guns and drugs task force at the Middlesex County Prosecutors Office. To speak to one of the members of team, call our Piscataway Office, New Brunswick Office, Woodbridge Office or East Brunswick Office.

Charged With a First Degree Offense in Middlesex County

As one might suspect, the list of charges falling within this grade is more limited than a third degree crime as they are at the extreme of offenses. Some of the more common first degree crimes are:

Prison Term for 1st Degree Offense. A crime of the first degree typically carries a period of imprisonment that is fixed between ten (10) and twenty (20) years. This range does not apply, however, to Murder, Aggravated Manslaughter or Kidnapping. Many charges that fall within this grade also have occasion to trigger periods of parole ineligibility. Where this attaches at the time of sentencing, a defendant cannot be considered for parole until such time as the minimum term has been satisfied.

Fine for a First Degree Crime. The maximum fine is $200,000 but is higher in limited situations. For example, the limit is enhanced to $500,000 in Money Laundering and First Degree Manufacturing, Distributing or Dispensing CDS cases.

First Degree Crime Attorney in Middlesex County

When a criminal offense carries as high a fine and prison term as a first degree crime, competent representation by a skilled attorney is a must. The lawyers at our firm welcome the opportunity to discuss how they can serve you in this capacity. We offer presentation for those charged with a first degree crime throughout Middlesex County including those arrested in New Brunswick, Sayreville, Piscataway, Old Bridge and South Plainfield. For a free consultation now, call one of our offices.