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High Point Stadium Criminal Charges

Piscataway NJ Criminal Defense Lawyer

A nice day at a Rutgers University Football game can sometimes escalate into an encounter with police and even criminal charges. With the popularity that NJ college football on the rise and a new stadium, more and more spectators are drawn to High Point Stadium and the surrounding attractions. Alcohol consumption and partying often proceed and follow these games and this can lead to issues with the Rutgers University Police Department and/or Piscataway Township Police Department. Although the offenses we most often see are disorderly conduct, simple assault, and underage possession/consumption of alcohol, there are also encounter drug charges like possession of marijuana and aggravated assault. There is also a spike in Piscataway DWI offenses during the sport seasons. If you were arrested or otherwise charged with an indictable or disorderly persons criminal offense, or a serious motor vehicle violation at Highpoint Stadium, our attorneys are available immediately to assist you. Our firm, The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, is highly experienced in defending Piscataway Municipal Court charges and can be reach 24/7 for free initial consultation. Call our Piscataway Office at 732-562-0308 for immediate assistance.

High Point Solutions Stadium Information

The stadium is located on the Busch Campus of Rutgers University in Piscataway NJ. High Point Solutions, which is based in Sparta, holds the naming rights to Rutgers Stadium. The venue is extremely large and has capacity to seat over 52,000 spectators. Attendance at the stadium is expected to reach record levels as Rutgers University Football Team recently entered the extremely popular Big 10 Conference. The major roadways in the area at the New Jersey Turnpike, State Highway 18, Interstate 287, and U.S. Route 1.

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Piscataway NJ Assault Charges

Most assault offenses at Highpoint Solutions Stadium are relatively minor and fall under N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1(a). This charge is termed simple assault and is a disorderly persons offense. An individual convicted of simple assault in Piscataway Municipal Court is subject to fines, the possibility of six (6) months in jail and/or probation, and a criminal record. More serious altercations and/or injuries, result in aggravated assault charges of the fourth degree, third degree or even second degree. Aggravated Assault cases are not heard in Piscataway and must be transferred to the Middlesex County Superior Court as they are indictable in nature. The range of penalties that may be imposed for aggravated assault is very wide and where someone falls is largely dictated by the grade or degree of assault being charged. For example, the maximum jail for a fourth degree is eighteen (18) months as compared to a second degree that can result in up to ten (10) years in prison.

Middlesex County Criminal Lawyers With Decades of Experience

We have been defending individuals in Piscataway, the town where Highpoint Solutions Stadium is located, for well over twenty (20) years. The attorneys at the firm are also highly experienced in defending indictable crimes at the Superior Court in New Brunswick as well. Give us a call from a free initial consultation at 732-246-7126.