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Monroe NJ Simple Assault Lawyers

Simple Assault Offense in Monroe Township

Monroe NJ was once a municipality that was so limited in population and charges like simple assault that it did not even employee its own full-time police department. The community is now thriving with the Monroe Township Police Department processing approximately eight hundred disorderly persons offense  cases each year. If you were charged with simple assault in Monroe, you certainly are not unique. The municipal court in the township presides over many of these matters stemming from fights, domestic violence and other scenarios.

The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall has been a fixture in the criminal defense bar in Middlesex County for several decades now. In fact, the lawyers at the firm make up one of the largest teams in the entire state. It naturally follows that we have considerable familiarity with the Monroe Municipal Court, including what it takes to effectively defend a simple assault charge. To speak to one of the former prosecutors on our staff, call us anytime 24/7. Initial consultations with an attorney are free so do not hesitate to contact us for the guidance you are seeking.

Charged With a Monroe Simple Assault Offense

Jurisdiction to decide a disorderly persons offense for simple assault rests with the municipal court of Monroe. If you were charged with a Monroe simple assault offense this is where your case will likely be heard. You may be convicted of this charge if it is proven, beyond reasonable doubt, that you: (1) attempted to cause bodily injury or intentionally or recklessly caused bodily injury; (2) negligently caused bodily injury with a deadly weapon;  or (3) utilized physical menace to put another into imminent fear of serious bodily injury.

A conviction for simple assault is a disorderly persons offense that carries potentially significant penalties.  The municipal court judge in Monroe must impose fines and mandatory assessments that can approach $1,500, probation, community service and/or send you to the county jail for up to six months. Individuals who have no prior record and have never been granted a diversion previously may, however, apply for conditional dismissal of the charge. If you Monroe simple assault is resolved in this manner, you will have one year of probation which, if completed successfully, results in a dismissal of the offense without any record.

It is also important that you know that resolution of your case in criminal court is something that is entirely independent from the restraining order you may be facing. You final restraining order hearing will be held in the Family Division of the Middlesex Superior Court, is civil in nature, and involves an entirely different burden of proof.

Simple Assault Attorney in Monroe New Jersey

A simple assault attorney at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall is prepared to guide you through this confusing time with the protection you need. Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience defending simple assault charges in Monroe Township and elsewhere in Middlesex County. To speak to a lawyer immediately about the facts of your case, contact us now at 732-246-7126.