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Monroe NJ Traffic Lawyers

Former Middlesex County Prosecutors With A Track Record Of Successfully Downgrading Traffic Violations in Monroe New Jersey

An unfortunate mistake made by many individuals charged with a traffic violation in Monroe New Jersey is to assume that the offense is nothing to be concerned about and that it will be fine for them to handle the ticket without an attorney. The aftermath of this decision can frequently be a tough lesson leaving the motorist with fines, points on their license, surcharges and even suspension of their driver’s license.

Most moving motor vehicle offenses have the potential to cause consequences far beyond a fine. For example, you face a mandatory suspension of your driving privileges if you are convicted in Monroe Municipal Court or another venue for driving without insurance, driving while suspended, DWI, possession of CDS in a motor vehicle and leaving the scene of an accident with injuries. A summons for reckless driving or speeding above 95 m.p.h. also frequently results in a suspension. You absolutely cannot attempt to handle one of these charges without representation from a savvy traffic defense lawyer.

The lawyers at our firm, the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, are highly skilled in the defense of traffic and motor vehicle summons. Our team includes eight attorneys, several of whom are former prosecutors in the area, that have been dealing with the Monroe Police Department and municipal court for decades. skilled traffic lawyers who know how to successfully resolve your traffic charge. Our expert traffic lawyers can help you save time, money and, most importantly, keep your driver’s license intact. We have been fighting traffic tickets throughout the State of New Jersey for several decades. If you need help fighting a traffic ticket in Monroe, New Jersey, contact our East Brunswick office at (732) 227–1200 to arrange a free initial consultation.

Traffic Charge in Monroe Township

A traffic charge in Monroe Township can result in a summons in many forms. While speeding and careless driving are probably the most common, there are an endless number of violations that can result in issuance of a ticket. The lawyers on our staff defend all Monroe Township traffic charges including:

There are serious consequences to pleading guilty to, or being convicted of, a traffic charge in New Jersey. First, there is the fine that you be required to pay, which can be hundreds of dollars. In addition to the fine, DMV points are assessed. The more serious your traffic offense, the more points you will have added to your record. If you accumulate 12 points in two years or 15 points thereafter, your license will be suspended for at least 30 days.  A conviction for a traffic charge is also likely to result in an increase in the cost of insurance.

Whether you choose to fight a traffic charge or plead guilty is ultimately up to you. It is your best interests, however, to speak with an experienced traffic lawyer to find out if it is possible to have the charge dismissed or, at the very least, reduced to something with less of a monetary fine, fewer points to be added to your driving record, and less of a risk of causing your insurance premiums to go up.

You should also be mindful that there are certain motor vehicle offenses that you must contest or face a suspension of your license. There is a one year suspension for a first offense for driving without insurance and leaving the scene of an accident resulting in personal injury. Driving while suspended carries a suspension that can reach 6 months. It is certainly imperative that you retain an attorney if you are facing one of these charges and want to maintain your driving privileges.

Monroe Motor Vehicle Defense Attorney

If you received a traffic charge in Monroe, New Jersey, it’s important that you speak with any attorney about your options before deciding what to do. The traffic lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall are here to serve you in this capacity. You can trust in our counsel as attorneys that have been practicing motor vehicle defense for over a century between us. To discuss your case with a savvy lawyer immediately, contact our office anytime 24/7. We can be reached 24/7 at 732-246-7126.