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New Brunswick NJ Domestic Violence Lawyer

Charged With Assault or Another Incident of Domestic Assault in New Brunswick?

A Former Prosecutor in New Brunswick Municipal Court & the Middlesex County Superior Court on Our Staff Is Ready To Defend You.

Many people find out the hard way just how serious accusations of domestic violence can be in New Brunswick or elsewhere. A conviction for domestic assault or another variety of this type of offense carries permanent consequences that may not only result in a jail sentence and/or fines but also the impact of a restraining order. This collateral consequences can prejudice you in a divorce, threaten your ability to obtain custody and visitation, prevent you from possessing a firearm and impact you in many other ways. This is why you need to protect yourself and your family by consulting with a lawyer who specializes in domestic violence if you have been charged with a criminal offense in this setting or served with a temporary restraining order.

Here at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, our attorneys are accomplished former prosecutors who have been handling domestic violence and restraining order arising in New Brunswick for decades. In fact, one of our lawyers is a former prosecutor in New Brunswick Municipal Court and another one is a former county prosecutors in Middlesex County.  We handle every sort of domestic violence issue, including:

• Temporary Restraining Order
• Final Restraining Order
• Violation of a Restraining Order
• Dismissing a Final Restraining Order
• Setting Bail in a Domestic Violence Case

Call us at 732–246–7126 to discuss the circumstances of your domestic violence charge in a free consultation with one of our lawyers. An attorney is available to assist you immediately.

Domestic Violence Offense in New Brunswick, NJ

Each of us probably has a sense of what domestic violence is and whom it affects. The New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act describes domestic violence as any act of physical or sexual violence perpetrated against a spouse or former spouse; cohabitant or former cohabitant; a person with whom you have or had a dating or engagement relationship; or a person with whom you have a child or who is expecting your child and that is intended to cause injury, actually causes injury, or puts that person in reasonable fear of serious bodily injury. When someone qualifies for protection under this law, an act of domestic violence entitles them to entry of a temporary restraining order.  An incident of domestic violence that can trigger a restraining order includes:

• Homicide;
• Simple Assault or Aggravated Assault;
• Terroristic threats;
• Kidnapping
• Criminal restraint;
• False imprisonment;
• Sexual assault;
• Criminal sexual contact;
• Lewdness;
• Criminal mischief;
• Burglary;
• Criminal trespass;
• Harassment; and
• Stalking

Consequences of Domestic Violence Charge in New Brunswick New Jersey

An arrest for domestic violence can spark a chain reaction that can change your life. Even if you are the victim, as long as the police suspect that some domestic violence took place, you may be taken into custody if there are allegations that you also committed domestic violence.

But, being arrested on suspicion of domestic violence is only the beginning of your problems.  Not only may you be charged with a felony or misdemeanor criminal offense but also be barred from speaking with the victim or even your children, as well as prevented from returning to your home. These restraints will remain in place until you have your sole opportunity to obtain relief at the final restraining order hearing. You absolutely must mount your best case at this hearing since failure to convince the judge to dismiss the restraining order will result in the restraints becoming permanent.

In addition, if you have been charged with a domestic violence offense, you stand the possibility of losing some important things that you have worked your whole life to gain, such as:

• A security clearance;
• Your ability to get into or remain in the military;
• Your ability to get into graduate school; and
• Any number of other things that you’ve worked hard for.

Defending Domestic Violence Charge in New Brunswick, NJ

When you come to us as a client who is facing a domestic violence charge, we need to figure out a defense that will convince the state that there is at least a reasonable doubt as to your guilt. If we can do this, the prosecutor has a sworn duty not to file charges against you.

If after making our case, the prosecutor still doesn’t see the case the way we do and decides to file the charges against you, we will have already put together a strong defense that will put us way ahead of the game and leave the prosecutor playing catch up.

Our job, then, becomes to try and get the prosecutor to dismiss the case during the pretrial phase and, to the extent that we are way ahead of the state in building your defense, we stand a good chance of convincing the state to do just that.

If that doesn’t work, our team of accomplished attorneys who all have outstanding records of success in jury trials. We have tried hundreds of domestic violence cases to successful.

New Brunswick Restraining Order Defense Lawyers

At the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, it is the job of our defense lawyers to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the domestic violence charges against you or, alternatively, to secure a resolution that impacts you as minimally as possible. We are also savvy litigators when it comes to defending New Brunswick temporary restraining orders. To speak to one of the attorneys on our staff any time of day or night regarding a criminal charge or restraining that has been entered against you, contact our New Brunswick Office. A lawyer can be reached immediately at 732-246-7126.

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