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New Brunswick Juvenile Lawyer

A Former Middlesex County Juvenile Prosecutor Is Ready To Defend Your Son or Daughter.

Knowing that your child is facing criminal charges and possibly a conviction in juvenile court can be frightening to say the least. Juvenile cases must be handled with extreme care and caution to protect your child and his or her future. A juvenile defense lawyer who is experienced in defending charges in the Juvenile Part of the Middlesex County Superior Court in New Brunswick is going to be your best option for ensuring that the interests of your son or daughter are fully protected.

Our juvenile lawyers have over 100 years of combined experience defending drug, assault, weapon and other charges at the county courthouse in New Brunswick. One of the attorneys on our staff even served as a prosecutor in the court so we are certainly well positioned to help you. 

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Juvenile Criminal Offenses in New Brunswick, New Jersey

Juveniles sometimes commit the same types of crimes as adults. But, when a juvenile commits a crime, it is instead referred to as an act of juvenile delinquency. Juvenile charges include:

Juvenile delinquency cases in New Jersey are handled by a special judicial system called the juvenile justice system. In New Brunswick, juvenile delinquency cases are heard at The Family Division of Middlesex County Superior Court located at 120 New Street, PO Box 2691, New Brunswick, NJ, phone number 732-519-3205.

The main objective of the juvenile justice system to rehabilitate juvenile offenders so that they can grow up to be law abiding citizens and productive members of society. This is very different than the adult criminal justice system, where the emphasis is on punishing adult offenders for their criminal offenses.

Juvenile offenders are often sentenced to a period of probation, where they are required to obey a curfew, to attend counseling, perform community service, submit to drug tests, and/or pay restitution to their victims. Sometimes, however, a juvenile offender is taken from their family home and placed in a residential facility or, in the worst cases, sent to a juvenile correctional facility.

Juvenile offenders who are charged with committing serious crimes are increasingly charged and tried in the adult criminal justice system, where they face adult criminal consequences.

Degree of OffenseJuvenile IncarcerationAdult Incarceration
First Degree4 Years (Except Murder)10-20 Years
Second Degree3 Years5-10 Years
Third Degree2 YearsUp to 5 Years
Fourth Degree1 YearUp to 18 Months
Disorderly Persons Offense6 Months6 Months

New Brunswick Juvenile Attorney

In any juvenile criminal case the first step is to determine whether the prosecutor has sufficient evidence to prove each element of the offense alleged. Our juvenile lawyers will use all available resources to determine the weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. If your child was charged based on faulty evidence, an unlawful search, or mistaken identity, our attorneys will take the necessary steps to get the evidence thrown out and/or convince the prosecutor to drop the charges. When this is not possible we will defend them vigorously in New Brunswick juvenile court. 

Don’t risk your child’s future on anything other than the best legal representation possible. A juvenile attorney at the Law Offices of Jonathan F Marshall is available 24/7 for a no cost initial consultation to discuss your child’s New Brunswick Juvenile offense. Contact our New Brunswick Office at 732-246-7126 for immediate assistance.