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Old Bridge Traffic Attorney

Charged with a Motor Vehicle Violation in Old Bridge New Jersey

Old Bridge Township has the third highest population in Middlesex County and is also traversed by busy highways like the Garden State Parkway, U.S. Route 9, N.J. Route 34 and N.J. Route 18. This makes for high volume of traffic and plenty of opportunities for issuance of a ticket or summons for a moving violation by the Old Bridge Police and members of the New Jersey State Police patrolling the section of the parkway within Old Bridge. If you received a traffic ticket in Old Bridge, the best thing you can do to insulate yourself from motor vehicle points, surcharges, fines, increased insurance rates and even the potential for a license suspension is to retain an accomplished traffic attorney. The lawyers at our firm have the qualifications you need in this regard with decades of experience appearing in the municipal court in Old Bridge on behalf of clients charged with motor vehicle violations. To speak to a lawyer at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall immediately, call our East Brunswick Office at 732-227-1200.

Traffic Summons in Old Bridge New Jersey

A traffic summons in Old Bridge New Jersey can cause significant issues in your day to day life. For example, a conviction for possession of CDS in a motor vehicle, driving while suspended, driving without insurance and DWI in Old Bridge all carry a mandatory license suspension in the event of conviction. And just about every other moving violation results in points on your driver’s license. An accumulation of 4 or more points results in surcharge. Twelve or more points results in an administrative suspension of driving privileges. Points are assigned to violations as follows:


Points Imposed

Improper Passing4
Reckless Driving5


1-14 MPH Over Limit

15-29 MPH Over Limit

30 MPH Over Limit





Leaving the Scene With An Accident With Personal Injury8
And More… 

Certain traffic offenses can also automatically trigger an obligation to pay surcharges to the Division of Motor Vehicles in order to keep you privileges to drive in good standing. Surcharges of this nature are typically payable once a year for a period of three years, including:

  • $100 for driving with an expired license
  • $100 for being an unlicensed driving
  • $250 for driving while suspended
  • $250 for driving without insurance
  • $1,000-$1,500 for driving while intoxicated

In addition to points, surcharges and the possibility of a driver’s license suspension, fines are imposed every time someone is convicted of a traffic or motor vehicle violation. This is on top of any collateral financial ramifications in the form of increased insurance rates flowing from a moving traffic ticket.

Old Bridge Motor Vehicle Violation Lawyer

As you can see from this discussion, an Old Bridge motor vehicle violation definitely has the ability to complicate your life. Taking the step of contacting a lawyer who is adept in defending traffic charges like careless driving, speeding and driving while suspended can provide significant utility in keeping your license and insurance in good standing. The attorneys at the Marshall Law Firm are also able to escape conviction to an original summons/ticket in most cases. If you would like to discuss the facts involved in your motor vehicle stop and resulting ticket(s), contact our office anytime of day or night for assistance.