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Out of State Residents/Drivers Charged with DWI in New Jersey

New Brunswick NJ Driving Under the Influence Lawyers

When you are driving in the State of New Jersey, you are subject to New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Laws, including N.J.S.A. 39:4-50, which governs drinking and driving. If you hold an out-of-state license, for example, from New York, Pennsylvania, Florida or Virginia, you are nevertheless obliged to comply with the laws for operation of a motor vehicle in NJ. If you violate a law and are convicted, a court has jurisdiction to impose penalties in accordance with the law of this state. The effect of a DWI conviction in New Jersey includes not only fines and other penalties, but suspension of your driver’s license. However, since New Jersey is not the licensing state when you are an out-of-state licensee, the actual forfeiture of your license must be accomplished by New York, Pennsylvania or another home state.

The Drivers License Compact (also known as “Interstate Compact”) requires that all states report any and all motor vehicle moving violations (which includes DWI charges) to the state where the license was issued. Therefore, the state where your license was issued can, and in many cases will, take action as a result of a NJ DWI conviction. And this consequence results after everything else you may have already faced in a New Jersey Municipal Court (e.g fines, community service, etc.).

Thus, an out of state driver or resident should always contact an experienced New Jersey drinking and driving lawyer to handle their DWI defense. Our defense attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience and many are former prosecutors. One of our DUI attorneys is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a free initial consultation by calling 732-246-7126. Please do not mistakenly believe that you will not be subject to any penalty merely because you were driving in New Jersey but did not hold a New Jersey driver’s license. You need an attorney so feel free to contact us today.