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Cook Campus Disorderly Persons & Traffic Charges

North Brunswick NJ Criminal Defense Lawyers

What is now known as the School of Environmental Science and Biological Sciences, has a long history as the Cook Campus. While portions of the campus run through both Piscataway and New Brunswick, the majority of the facilities are located in North Brunswick NJ. A wide array of Rutgers University criminal offenses, including marijuana possession, drinking underage and disorderly conduct, to name a few, are written on the Cook Campus every year. So too, are many DWI and other traffic summonses. If you are facing charges in North Brunswick Municipal Court, New Brunswick Municipal Court or Piscataway Municipal Court, whether it is the result of an incident at Cook Campus or not, we are ready to assist you. Our attorneys have handled literally thousands of these cases as both defense lawyers and on the other side as prosecutors. We know what it takes to get you results. Give us a call at 732-246-7126.

Charged with a Criminal Offense at Cook Campus

Like other Rutgers campuses, Cook Campus is a hotbed for marijuana possession, disorderly conduct, possession of drug paraphernalia and simple assault cases. These violations, whether written by local police or members of the Rutgers Police Department, are directed to the municipal court of the town where the charge was allegedly committed. Indictable crimes of the first, second, third and fourth degree like theft, sexual assault, aggravated assault and distribution of drugs fall outside this authority. If you were arrested for a felony offense like those described, your case will be heard at the Middlesex County Superior Court. Our lawyers are scheduled advocates that routinely appear throughout the court system in this region.

Cook Campus Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Were you issued a ticket for a motor vehicle violation on the Cook Campus or somewhere else in North Brunswick? If you are, the overwhelming likelihood is that, at a minimum, you are facing the possibility of motor vehicle points on your license or worse yet, a suspension of your driving privileges. You shouldn’t have to be subjected to such high stakes, especially when points can be avoided in a significant percentage of cases. And if you are charged with a driving while suspended, driving without insurance, DWI or another serious traffic violation, you need to know that our attorneys are successful in many more cases than you might imagine in avoiding convictions and commensurate license suspension.

Map of Cook Campus

The residence halls where many of the encounters with the Rutgers Police occur include Perry Hall, Voorhees Hall, Nicholas Hall,Newell Apartments, Starkey Apartments and Helyar House. If you would like further information regarding Cook Campus, you may refer to the campus website or its facebook page.

Piscataway Criminal Defense Attorney for Charges at Cook Campus of Rutgers

If you want to know the real story about what you are up against, give our Piscataway Office a telephone call at 732-562-0308.  An attorney with years of experience would be more than happy to discuss the legal issues and facts surrounding your case. And initial consultations are always free of charge. Our lawyers can be reached anytime 24/7 for guidance.