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South Plainfield Traffic Ticket Lawyer

If you have been charged with a serious traffic violation in South Plainfield New Jersey such as driving while intoxicated (DWI), driving while suspended, driving without insurance or reckless driving, you are facing serious consequences. You will have motor vehicle points assigned to you, be required to pay significant fines, may have your driving privileges revoked and can even be required to serve a county jail sentence. Because of this, you need to seek the assistance of an experienced New Jersey traffic lawyer to help you avoid a conviction.

The traffic lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have been successfully defending clients against traffic ticket offenses like speeding, driving without insurance and driving while suspended in South Plainfield Municipal Court for decades. Our team of attorneys include former municipal prosecutors who have a proven track record that spans thousands of traffic and motor vehicle cases. An attorney is available 24/7 at (732) 227–1200 to help you avoid a motor vehicle violation of any kind.

Traffic Violation in South Plainfield New Jersey

There are hundreds of traffic violations in New Jersey that someone can face in South Plainfield. All of these charges are heard at the South Plainfield Municipal Court located at 2480 Plainfield Avenue, South Plainfield, New Jersey, telephone number (908) 226-7651. The severity of an offense can range from unsafe operation to leaving the scene of an accident with serious personal injury or death. Irrespective of where your charge falls in this continuum, failure to avert a find of guilt will effect since just about any moving violations can impact your costs of insurance. The NJ point schedule also results in an assessment of points by the Division of Motor Vehicle follow a conviction. Accumulation of 6 or more points trigger surcharges on your license to maintain your privileges. A license is suspended once an individual accumulated 12 points.

Many motor vehicle summonses also carry the potential for a license suspension. You will be suspended for two yours for possession of CDS in a motor vehicle and one year for a first offense of driving without insurance. A conviction for driving while suspended or revoked results in up to six months of additional suspension for a first offense and 1-2 years if the violation is committed when the motorist is suspended for DWI.

You can even face a jail sentence if you are convicted of a traffic offense in South Plainfield New Jersey. For example, a third offense for DWI carries 180 days in jail. A second offense for driving while suspended results in 1-5 days and a third offense carries at least 10 days.  A second or subsequent conviction for driving without insurance triggers 14 days of incarceration.

Fighting a License Suspension in South Plainfield, New Jersey

The New Jersey MVC has unique procedures and requirements for fighting a license suspension and similar to a criminal trial, you may have an experienced lawyer represent your interest at every step of the process. The MVC has agencies throughout Middlesex County, including Edison, Flemington, Somerville, and South Brunswick.

In order to fight a license suspension, you must follow the administrative process set forth by the MVC to argue your case and present evidence as to why your license should not be suspended. Keep in mind, however, that if you’re convicted in the criminal process, it can be very difficult to prevail at the MVC hearing.

An experienced traffic lawyer may prove invaluable at an MVC hearing. Your traffic lawyer will know what evidence to gather and how best to argue your defense. In addition, your traffic lawyer can help you in the criminal proceedings by negotiating a favorable plea deal so that you don’t have a damaging conviction that would hurt your case before the MVC.

South Plainfield Traffic Offense Defense Attorney

A South Plainfield traffic offense clearly has the ability to impact your life as indicated previously in this discussion. The most powerful tool you have in escaping ramifications is to hire a defense attorney with extensive experience defending motor vehicle charges in South Plainfield Municipal Court. This is precisely what you can achieve with the lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall. Our team of traffic attorneys have over a century in practice combined with countless summonses having been defended over the years in South Plainfield. To speak to a lawyer who can help you secure a dismissal or downgrade of your offense, contact our East Brunswick office at (732) 227–1200 for a free consultation.