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South Plainfield Simple Assault Attorney

Hundreds of simple assault cases are heard every year by Honorable Katherine Howes, the judge of the South Plainfield Municipal Court. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall handle a fair share of the criminal charges in the borough as the largest criminal defense firm in Middlesex County. If you were charged in South Plainfield with violating N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1 based on allegations of simple assault, an attorney with the knowledge to fully protect you is ready to assist you. We will thoroughly dissect the facts surrounding your offense and formulate a comprehensive plan to provide the best chance for escaping a conviction in South Plainfield. Reaching a favorable outcome may come down to savvy litigating, persuasive negotiating or other effective tactics. Irrespective, our lawyers have the tools to provide you with the opportunity you need to avoid a conviction. Call our Piscataway Office now at 732-562-0308 for a free initial consultation.

Arrested for Simple Assault in South Plainfield New Jersey

Being arrested in S. Plainfield for simple assault or any other disorderly persons offense is not as minor as you may be thinking. A conviction can result in your being sent to the Middlesex County Jail for as much as six months. You will also be left with a criminal record that will follow you around for years. This is why you should contact one of the former prosecutors at our firm if you have been arrested for simple assault in South Plainfield New Jersey. We have over 100 years of experience defending this offense in the municipal court of South Plainfield and other towns in the region. Qualifications like these are key if you want to avoid the risks associated with conviction which follow.

Elements of Simple Assault. The South Plainfield prosecutor must prove that one of three things occurred in order to secure a conviction for simple assault. The first instance wherein 2C:12-1 is triggered is where someone attempts to cause bodily injury or purposely, knowingly or recklessly causes such harm. The second way a finding of guilt results is where the actor negligently causes bodily injury with a deadly weapon. Just about anything that is capable of being used to cause serious bodily injury or death is considered a deadly weapon under the law. The third occasion when a S. Plainfield simple assault results is where the accused engages in physical menace in order to put the victim in fear of immediate serious bodily injury.

Penalties for Simple Assault. If it is found that you committed any of the three acts previously described, you will be convicted of a disorderly persons offense for simple assault. The penalties that follow can include fines and court assessments of up to $1,500, a period of probation, community service, restitution and even up to six months in jail.

Simple Assault Defense Lawyer in South Plainfield

The team at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall has exactly what you need if you are looking for a simple assault defense lawyer in South Plainfield. Savvy representation from attorneys who have a long track record of success in defending simple assault and other offenses in South Plainfield Municipal Court. To take advantage of a free consultation with an attorney on our staff so that your questions and concerns may be addressed, contact us anytime 24/7. We are prepared to invest our time to insure you move ahead with minimal impact from this assault charge.