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South River Domestic Violence Lawyer

Restraining Order in South River New Jersey

Former Middlesex County Prosecutors for the Defense of Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence Criminal Charges

Incidents of domestic violence touch all segments of our community so it would naturally make sense that a municipality like South River New Jersey would have its share of restraining orders and criminal charges falling under this category. Whether you are facing a charge for harassment, simple assault, terroristic threats, aggravated assault or your case is limited to a temporary restraining order, domestic violence can have serious ramifications. If you want to equip yourself with the tools to avert penalties and consequences that come with a domestic violence offense, enlisting the services of a skilled lawyer is an imperative.

Here at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, the veteran attorneys and former prosecutors that make up our defense team have the skills to successfully defend your domestic criminal charge or restraining order. Indeed, we have over 100 years of combined experience representing clients charged with domestic assault and other offenses, as well as final restraining order hearings. To speak to an attorney at the firm in a free initial consultation, contact our East Brunswick Office. Lawyers are available 24/7 at 732-227-1200 to help you.

Restraining Order in South River New Jersey

The New Jersey Domestic Violence Prevention Act allows a temporary restraining order to be issued when a person qualifying under this law is the victim of domestic violence. Someone qualifies for this relief if they are subjected to domestic violence by: (1) their present or past spouse; (2) someone they date or dated; (3) a present or past household member; or (4) someone with whom they share a child. “Domestic Violence” is an incident that involves any of the following act:

Simple AssaultAggravated AssaultTerroristic Threat
StalkingCriminal MischiefBurglary
HarassmentTrespassAny other act of aggression or abuse

When an individual qualifies under this law and suffers an act of this nature, they are granted the opportunity to secure the protection of a temporary restraining order.

  • Impact of a South River Temporary Restraining Order. Entry of a temporary restraining order bars the accused from returning to any residence shared with the victim, communicating with the victim, and also results in seizure of any weapons that could be used against the plaintiff. These restraints remain in place until a court determines the merits of the allegations in a full hearing known as a final restraining order hearing.
  • Final Restraining Order Hearing in Your South River Domestic Violence Case. A final restraining order hearing is a plenary hearing that is conducted before a judge at the Family Division of the Middlesex County Superior Court in New Brunswick. This is where you get the opportunity to present your side of the case. The outcome of this proceeding dictates whether the restraints are dismissed or become permanent and final.
  • Criminal Charges for Domestic Violence in South River. A separate criminal case is conducted to determine your guilt or innocence to the charge filed against you. If the offense involves simple assault, harassment or a violation that falls within the grade of a disorderly persons offense, the matter is heard in South River Municipal Court. Indictable criminal charges such as aggravated assault, terroristic threats and burglary are felonies that must be heard at the county courthouse in New Brunswick.

South River Restraining Order Defense Attorney

The impact of a domestic violence restraining order can be devastating and this is a primary reason why you should strongly consider contacting our firm to speak to a defense attorney. We are former prosecutors and a team of accomplished criminal lawyers who have decades of experience defending restraining orders and charges alleging domestic violence. To immediately discuss the facts of your case with a lawyer at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, call our office at 732-227-1200. Attorneys are ready to assist you around the clock.