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Unlicensed Driver

North Brunswick NJ Unlicensed Driver Defense Lawyers

There are a variety of ways that someone can be charged with being an unlicensed driver in North Brunswick or another municipality in Middlesex County. The largest number of tickets are issued because the motorist has never been licensed in the United States. Another block involves individuals who, although licensed previously, failed to secure a New Jersey license within sixty (60) days of becoming a resident. Irrespective of what resulted in your receiving a ticket or summons for driving without a valid license in North Brunswick, Edison, Woodbridge or Piscataway, you need to mount a meritorious defense if you want to avert significant penalties.  The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall has a seven member team of criminal lawyers that have the goods to get results. We are former prosecutors with over a century practicing throughout the region. For an immediate consultation with an attorney at our firm, call our Piscataway Office now at 732-562-0308.

Unlicensed Driver Offense in Piscataway or Another Town

N.J.S.A. 39:3-10 is the statute that applies to an unlicensed driver offense in Piscataway, North Brunswick or elsewhere. This law prohibits anyone from operating a motor vehicle without a valid New Jersey license or reciprocal privileges from another state. In terms of reciprocal privileges, the authority to legally drive expires once the motorist has resided in the state for at least sixty (60) days. An individual is required to apply for and obtain a NJ driver’s license once he or she has resided here for sixty (60) days and, failure to do so, renders them unlicensed under 39:3-10. If an individual is convicted for being unlicensed, they face the penalties outlined below:

Fine. There is a fine of up to $500, court costs of $33 and a $6 surcharge that must be imposed.

Suspension. A license suspension of six months applies whenever someone is convicted in accordance with N.J.S.A. 39:3-10. What this means is that the defendant will be on the “revoked list” during this period and will be issued a driving while suspended ticket if he or she is caught operating a motor vehicle.

Jail Term. A county jail sentence of up to 60 days is permitted for unlicensed driving.

Surcharges & Other Collateral Consequences. An annual surcharge of $100 is levied for three years by the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles.

Piscataway Unlicensed Driver Attorney

When you consider that Piscataway processes over 10,000 moving traffic violations most years, it makes sense that it has many unlicensed driver charges. What is imperative to those facing this offense is that the summons get amended to operating with an expired license which carries no suspension, jail or surcharge.  The Piscataway defense lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall are adapt in achieving this outcome. Irrespective of the circumstances of your driving without a license summons, an attorney at our firm possesses the skills necessary to help you. To speak to lawyer immediately, contact us anytime 24/7 for a free consultation.