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Woodbridge Center Mall Shoplifting Offense

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Woodbridge NJ

An extremely popular destination for shopping in New Jersey is Woodbridge Center Mall. With large retail stores like J.C. Penny, Lord & Taylor and Macy’s on site, there is considerable opportunity for shoplifting. The proximity of the mall to major roadways like U.S. Route 1 and Route 9, as well as the Garden State Parkway, translates into high foot traffic as compared to others that are not so accessible from Staten Island. If you were a patron of Woodbridge Center Mail and were arrested for shoplifting, our Woodbridge Office is prepared to defend you. With you are facing a disorderly persons (i.e. misdemeanor) charge for shoplifting or an indictable offense like third degree shoplifting, we have the skill set to get you results. Do not let a lapse in judgment become a potentially life changing event because of a criminal record or worse. The lawyers on our defense team have years of experience handling criminal charges in Woodbridge Municipal Court and the Middlesex County Superior Court, and would be more than happy to review the facts of your case in a free initial consultation. Give us at call at 732-634-0700.

Woodbridge Center Mall

The mall is located in Woodbridge New Jersey and measures approximately 1,633,000 square feet. This makes Woodbridge Center the third largest in the state of New Jersey. The mall is also popular for dining and entertainment, with Applebee’s and Olive Garden on site, which gives rise to a number of Woodbridge DWI charges each year.

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Shoplifting Robbery Charges

While it might seem somewhat farfetched, there are many instances every year where an individual is charged with second degree robbery as a result of a shoplifting. The way a shoplifting can escalate into an extremely serious offense where prison (at least 5 years) is possible is where physical force is used to escape or flee. The reason this happens is because anytime someone uses force while attempting a theft, they are actually transforming the act into a robbery.  And this happens almost every day throughout New Jersey and sometimes things get even worse. For example, there was a shoplifting turned robbery in 2012 at Woodbridge Center that actually resulted in a shooting.

Experienced Theft Offense Defense Attorneys

There is a definite stigma that is associated with a criminal record for stealing. There are also direct consequences like fines, jail and removal (i.e. deportation) for those who are not citizens. Your best chance of avoiding these potential ramifications is to hire the most experienced attorney you can afford. We encourage you to contact us to this end and a knowledgeable lawyer from our Woodbridge firm will discuss exactly how we can assist you.

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