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One of the busiest municipalities in the entire state for shoplifting charges is Woodbridge. There are a number of factors which contribute to the high amount of individuals charged with shoplifting in Woodbridge. The presence of an inordinate number of retailers (e.g. Macy’s, JCPenney, etc.) is definitely the biggest factor along with being one of the biggest traffic hubs in the state. Irrespective of what brought you to Woodbridge Township and resulted in your being arrested for shoplifting, you need to consult a shoplifting lawyer immediately. A conviction for violating N.J.S.A. 2C:20-11 results in a record for stealing and a slew of other consequences that even include the possibility of jail.

Highly Knowledgeable Woodbridge Shoplifting Attorneys

The lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have the tools you need to avoid a finding of guilt for shoplifting in the township of Woodbridge. We are one of the state’s largest defense firms and have been successfully representing clients on shoplifting violations for several decades in Woodbridge Municipal Court and at the Middlesex County Superior Court. If you had the unfortunate experience of being accused of shoplifting, a Woodbridge NJ shoplifting lawyer at our firm is ready to help you. Call our Woodbridge Office anytime 24/7 at 732-634-0700 for a free consultation.

What Is A Valid Reason For Arresting You For Shoplifting in Woodbridge?

The New Jersey Shoplifting law sets forth six types of conduct that constitute shoplifting. The first and most common sense variety is purposely taking merchandise. Concealing goods in a shopping bag, pocket book, carriage or by other means is the second form of shoplifting that can result in a Woodbridge arrest. The third type of shoplifting is altering or transferring a price tag. Putting merchandise in another container or box is the fourth potential basis for a charge. The fifth way is under-ringing merchandise at a cash register. The sixth and final way that shoplifting can arise is through theft or removal of a shopping cart.

How Are Shoplifting Charges Graded In Terms Of Severity?

A shoplifting offense can result in a misdemeanor or felony depending on the value of the items stolen. The chart which follows summarizes the grading and penalties if you have been charged in Woodbridge or elsewhere in NJ.

Grade of OffenseValue of MerchandiseFineJail
Disorderly PersonLess than $200$1,000Up to 6 months
Fourth Degree Crime$200 but less than $500$10,000Up to 18 months
Third Degree Crime$500 but less than $75,000$15,000Up to 5 years
Second Degree Crime$75,000 or more$150,000

5-10 years

In addition to the penalties set forth in this chart, there is a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment that applies upon conviction for a third or subsequent offense of shoplifting. The minimum period of incarceration is 90 days

Shoplifting Lawyers in Woodbridge Township

If you are looking for shoplifting lawyers in Woodbridge Township, we definitely fit the bill. We have not only been appearing in the municipal court of Woodbridge for decades but also favorable resolved countless clients charged under 2C:20-11. A lawyer who knows his way around the court system and how to effectively defend your case. For immediate assistance from an attorney on our staff, call 732-634-0700. The consultation is without obligation so do not hesitate to contact us.