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Intensive Supervision Program (ISP)

Edison NJ ISP Attorneys

The Intensive Supervision Program, commonly referred to as ISP, provides relief from a term of incarceration where certain requirements have been met. The lawyers at our firm, The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall are highly knowledge in the process that must be followed in order to gain admission into ISP. If you are presently in prison or a loved one of an inmate seeking ISP, a lawyer at our firm is available immediately to explain how obtain ISP and what we can do to help you secure relief from a state prison term. Whether your charges were filed in Edison, Woodbridge, Perth Amboy, New Brunswick or elsewhere in Middlesex County, our team is equipped to successfully represent you. You can call our Woodbridge Office at 732-634-0700 for a free consultation with an attorney on our staff.

New Jersey Intensive Supervision Program (ISP): What You Need To Know

The ISP program in New Jersey is a program for certain defendants who have been sentenced to jail time and have been incarcerated for a minimum period of time. The Intensive Supervision Program (“ISP”) allows certain inmates to be released into the community before they are eligible for parole. The first issue is whether or not the incarcerated defendant is eligible for ISP. You are eligible for ISP if you have been convicted and sentenced to state prison unless the crime was a homicide (including vehicular homicide), robbery, or a sex offense. Also, any conviction for a first degree offense in New Jersey makes you ineligible for ISP. Anyone else can apply for the program.

To apply for ISP, you should contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can assist you in filling out an application. An attorney will also be able to help you throughout the ISP process. A Screening Board will review your application and will recommend you for the program or deny your application. If the Screening Board recommends you for the ISP program, a Panel of Judges will then consider your application. This Panel will make the final determination. After you apply for the program, the Screening Board will review your pre-sentence report. You will receive a rejection letter if you are not considered a viable candidate. Otherwise, you will be contacted to be interviewed by an officer. The officer will inquire about the defendant’s plans for living, employment, and treatment if they are released from incarceration. The individual must also identify some community support members who will assist them if they are released into the population.

Finally, if the defendant is accepted into ISP and is approved by the Re-sentencing Panel of Judges, the individual will be immediately released from prison. The ISP program is a very intense, strict program and the defendant must comply with all the requirements while out in the community.

New Brunswick NJ ISP Lawyer

The relief provided through ISP always involves an offense which was an indictable crime. All charges of this nature are handled in Middlesex County at the Superior Court In New Brunswick. This is a venue which our Middlesex County Criminal Lawyers appear in all the time. In fact, we have an office directly across from the courthouse. To speak to a lawyer The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall immediately, call our New Brunswick NJ Office at 732-246-7126. One of our attorneys will have you their time and answer all of your questions.