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East Brunswick Shoplifting Lawyer

One of the busier towns shoplifting arrests in Middlesex County is East Brunswick. There are a number of factors for the high volume of shoplifting charges in the town including the size of the municipality, its accessibility from major roadways and the elevated retail traffic in the town. With respect to the last factor, there is no doubt that Brunswick Square Mall, which is located in East Brunswick. If you or a loved one was arrested or has been charged with disorderly persons shoplifting or even a third degree shoplifting, our legal team is ready to defend you. We have 7 full time defense attorneys, which probably makes us the largest criminal team in the county (if not state). Several members of the team also happen to be long time prosecutors who have now dedicated their careers to fighting for those accused of criminal offenses like shoplifting. Give us a call if you need representation or have questions regarding a shoplifting charge in East Brunswick New Jersey.

East Brunswick Municipal Court Shoplifting Charge

If you are facing an East Brunswick shoplifting offense, the greater probability is that it will be heard in the East Brunswick Municipal Court. The reason why this is the case is because a shoplifting offense most frequently involves the theft of merchandise with a value of less than $200, a disorderly persons offense, jurisdiction over which rests with the municipal court.  And even when the amount of the theft is $200 or more and the complaint alleges a fourth degree or third degree crime, our attorneys are frequently successful in getting the Middlesex County Prosecutors Office to downgrade the charge and remands it back to municipal court. When this happens, an individual is subject to the possibility of a criminal record, up to $1,000 in fines, six (6) months in jail, and a period of community service.

Indictable Shoplifting Charges at the Superior Court

When the merchandise allegedly shoplifted is $200 or more, an individual is facing a felony offense. The grade of the related charge can be either a fourth degree crime (i.e. theft involving $200-$500 of merchandise)  or a third degree crime (i.e. $500 or more). There is significant jail exposure if you have been charged with one of these crimes in East Brunswick: up to eighteen (18) months for a fourth degree and up to five (5) years for a third degree. The potential fine is likewise severe with a maximum of $10,000 for a fourth degree and $15,000 for a third degree.

East Brunswick NJ Shoplifting Attorney

The lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall make up the largest criminal defense firm in Middlesex County. We have also been practicing in East Brunswick and other area courts for several decades. A lawyer with the knowledge and experience you need is available immediately in our East Brunswick Office to assist you. You do not need to deal with this issue without the benefit of appropriate legal advice as initial consultations with our firm are free of charge. Call us now at 732-227-1200 to speak to an East Brunswick NJ Shoplifting Attorney on our staff.

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